Virat Kohli's Test Average at the end of 2022


Virat Kohli  is one of the finest cricketer in the World. He form Very consistently.

Virat Kohli performance have decrease from 2020. Lets see Kohli's Average in the last 4 years.

VIRAT KOHLI- 54.97 Avg (2019)

Virat Kohli was in prime form in 2019. He scored many 100 and have 54.97 Avg,

VIRAT KOHLI- 53.41 Avg (2020)

Virat Kohli form was very good in the beginning of 2022. His Avg on that year was 53.41

VIRAT KOHLI- 50.34 Avg (2021)

Virat Kohli did not played much in 2021. His average dops to 50.34

VIRAT KOHLI- 48.90 Avg (2022)

Virat Kohli Scored nothing ongoing Ban series. His Avg Drops to 48.90 from 50

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