4 Most Non Stricker player When Virat Kohli reached 100



Virat Kohli is one of the greatest Batsmen the world has seen after Sachin Tendulkar.  He is GOAT of Modern era.


Virat Kohli is 34 years old former Indian Captain. he made his debut against Srilanka in Aug 18, 2008


He is a Complete batsman who can play all the shots. He made 12,471 Runs in ODI and has over 72 Hundred.

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina was 7 times in the Non-Stricker end when Kohli made his 100. The Best was against Pakistan in WC 2015.

Rohit Sharma 

Rohit Sharma was at the non-striker end 7 times when Kohli touched 100. Both were involved in some unlucky run-outs.

MS Dhoni

Former Indian Captain MS Dhoni was the non-striker 8 times when Kohli completed a century. The best was WC T20 against Aussie

Ajinkya Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane was 12 Times in the Non-Stricker end when Virat Kohli hits his 100. The Best was the 2014/15 Australian tour.